Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners

A good aroma and a fresh and clean smell around the house is important for most people. There are many products available in the market that includes household products that emit a lovely smell. Products like fragrances, perfumes, scented candles. Potpourris, scented sprays, oil diffusers, plug-in deodorizers, incenses and other such scented products are all made by using very harmful toxins and also harmful chemicals which are bad for health. These products are expensive, bad for health and are not always suitable for use at home. Homemade products are natural, without chemicals and are very inexpensive to make. Using natural essential oils has many benefits:


Benefits of Natural Essential Oils

Naturally extracted essential oils have many health and therapeutic benefits. These oils are not that expensive to buy and easily available in natural food stores or organic stores all over the world. They are generally available in small bottles and a few drops are more than enough at a time because these essential oils are available in their concentrated forms. Lavender oil improve sleep and also calm the nervous system and are good for anxiety. Basil oil is an excellent remedy for headaches whereas rosemary oil stimulates the brain and is also helpful in improving the memory function. Clary sage is another essential oil regularly used as it also helps in calming the nervous system. Lemon and citrus oils are very beneficial for health. Lemon is an antidepressant and also calms anxiety and oranges which are another citrus fruit refreshes and relaxes people.

What are Homemade Oil Diffusers?

Essential oils are filled with beautiful aromas and fragrances. Essential oil diffusers are a way in which essential oils are dispersed in households to create a pleasant fragrance and aroma in the house. There are many expensive essential oils diffusers available in the market but it is very easy to make them at home. There are some oil diffusers in the market that use chemicals and harmful products which have an adverse impact on human beings. It is easy to make homemade oil diffuser. People need small clean jars, reeds, mineral oils, vodka, and essential oils to make these oil diffusers. The recipe is simply to take half a cup mineral oil, two tablespoons of vodka and mix the two well together. Then adding a few teaspoons of essential oils in this mixture is a great idea. The next step is to place reeds in this mixture that will help disperse the aroma of the essential oils into the home. Flipping the reeds every few days is a good idea.

Making Homemade Sprays and Air Fresheners

Just like homemade oil diffusers, homemade scented sprays and air fresheners are also easily made at home. A quick spray of air fresheners helps get rid of funny odors and also create a pleasant environment. Personalized sprays can be made using scents, fragrances and essential oils are personal favorites. They create a pleasant environment and aroma that people like around the house. Lemon, basil, other citrus flavors, herb-based essential oils are all used to make air fresheners. These air fresheners can be made easily by using very few ingredients. A clean spray bottle, vodka, water, and essential oils are all that is needed to make homemade air fresheners. Just pouring water in the spray bottle and then adding two tablespoons of vodka and a few teaspoons of essential oils do the trick. Shaking it well together after closing the bottle creates a naturally made air freshener.

Other Uses of Essential Oils

Essential Oils are primarily used for fragrance in homes. White rice can be stored in a jar and a few drops of essential oils can be put into the rice. This rice can be placed in a room which will provide fragrance to a room. Putting a few drops of essential oils on pillows and cotton balls with essential oils are placed in wardrobes to keep clothes smelling fresh. This also helps in keeping moths away and essential oils have been used in many situations to create a pleasant environment. Different essential oils have different health and fragrance benefits.
Homemade oil diffusers, sprays, and air fresheners can all be made at home using very natural materials. These fragrances can be made without using any harmful products or chemicals and it is an inexpensive way of creating pleasant fragrances in the households.

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