What Cologne Should I Buy? How To Choose A Cologne For Men

More than 65 % of a person can remember a scent for more than a year. This is a known fact which also shows that how important it is to smell good if you want to be remembered for a long time. You can dress well, buy expensive gifts and care a lot but if you do not smell good then there is a 100 % chance that your relationship will not last long. The only thing that can help you here is the best men’s cologne. It has become an integral part of a hum body. Choosing the best one of the cologne is something that needs to be done in the right way. Therefore, go through the whole guide to understand how to choose a cologne for men.


Learning about the Cologne families and composition

Each and every fragrance is made up of the 3 different notes. They are base notes, heart notes, and top notes. Most of the scents are either have a floral family, amber or woody family. The floral family consists of a fragrance from natural flowers. Amber has a sweet smell and an exotic fragrance. The last but not the least scents from a woody family have a sandalwood or cedar smell and provides long-lasting scent.


The composition of cologne just refers to the combination of all the different elements that are used to make a particular scent. These are known as the notes which are of three types. The top note is always light one and be there on your body for 1-2 hours. Once it fades up then the smell of middle or base note comes to life. This note is very sweet and mostly consists of fragrance notes from the Amber family. The last note is the base note which consists of strong smell like woody and sandalwood.

However, the composition of each and every cologne varies and the popularity of every cologne depends upon the notes used to make that cologne.


Brand has a lot of influence on people’s choice for go for a cologne. Some of the brands like Prada is going good that if you are wearing perfume from their company you will definitely go for it new releases without any other thought. Even if the new cologne would not have a good smell but you would find it best for you. That’s the reason you can find a lot of cologne brand to end up their Ads on a Question Mark.


Price always has its own factor on a user’s favorite list. You can find a lot of cologne which are the user’s favorite or most selling brand. These are the colognes for men which are either into the low end or mid-end range which can be easily purchased by middle-class families. So, even if they are not as good as the luxurious one but they are the most selling brand, only because they are very affordable.

Release year

Have you seen that most of the wines taste different just because they are made in a different year. This is only because of the ingredients used or the change in the taste of the people. The same case is with the smell of a cologne too. If you notice a cologne made in the 80’s and ’90s, you would find that both of them have a different smell. In 80’s people used to use dry and strong smell colognes however, in the 90’s the smell went lighter and sweeter. Today, also you would find men using cologne which sweeter and remains on the body for long hours. These all just change in taste and style that has happened in these years.

Percentage of Oil Content

There are three different types of oil. The first one is Eau de perfume. This is the strongest and most expensive perfume oil. They are expensive because they last longer than other oils. Once the top notes start fading, generally after an hour. The middle note comes out and becomes noticeable. All these timings and becoming noticeable of one after another note is done by these oils. The concentration of these oils varies and can be 15-20 percent depending upon the longevity of a perfume.

Eau de toilette is the second essence oils that are used in perfume. However, these are less expensive than Eau de perfume and contains up to 10 percent of the essential oils. The top is more powerful in these oils but fades away quickly to provide the middle note sweet smell.

But one of the best and most affordable essence oil is Eau de cologne. It contains about 7% of the essential oils and can be found very easily. Generally, you find it packed in large bottles but size doesn’t matter here. The thing that matters most is the use of it in the perfumes which is generally the bestselling ones and are affordable to middle-class family.…