What Cologne Should I Buy? How To Choose A Cologne For Men

More than 65 % of a person can remember a scent for more than a year. This is a known fact which also shows that how important it is to smell good if you want to be remembered for a long time. You can dress well, buy expensive gifts and care a lot but if you do not smell good then there is a 100 % chance that your relationship will not last long. The only thing that can help you here is the best men’s cologne. It has become an integral part of a hum body. Choosing the best one of the cologne is something that needs to be done in the right way. Therefore, go through the whole guide to understand how to choose a cologne for men.


Learning about the Cologne families and composition

Each and every fragrance is made up of the 3 different notes. They are base notes, heart notes, and top notes. Most of the scents are either have a floral family, amber or woody family. The floral family consists of a fragrance from natural flowers. Amber has a sweet smell and an exotic fragrance. The last but not the least scents from a woody family have a sandalwood or cedar smell and provides long-lasting scent.


The composition of cologne just refers to the combination of all the different elements that are used to make a particular scent. These are known as the notes which are of three types. The top note is always light one and be there on your body for 1-2 hours. Once it fades up then the smell of middle or base note comes to life. This note is very sweet and mostly consists of fragrance notes from the Amber family. The last note is the base note which consists of strong smell like woody and sandalwood.

However, the composition of each and every cologne varies and the popularity of every cologne depends upon the notes used to make that cologne.


Brand has a lot of influence on people’s choice for go for a cologne. Some of the brands like Prada is going good that if you are wearing perfume from their company you will definitely go for it new releases without any other thought. Even if the new cologne would not have a good smell but you would find it best for you. That’s the reason you can find a lot of cologne brand to end up their Ads on a Question Mark.


Price always has its own factor on a user’s favorite list. You can find a lot of cologne which are the user’s favorite or most selling brand. These are the colognes for men which are either into the low end or mid-end range which can be easily purchased by middle-class families. So, even if they are not as good as the luxurious one but they are the most selling brand, only because they are very affordable.

Release year

Have you seen that most of the wines taste different just because they are made in a different year. This is only because of the ingredients used or the change in the taste of the people. The same case is with the smell of a cologne too. If you notice a cologne made in the 80’s and ’90s, you would find that both of them have a different smell. In 80’s people used to use dry and strong smell colognes however, in the 90’s the smell went lighter and sweeter. Today, also you would find men using cologne which sweeter and remains on the body for long hours. These all just change in taste and style that has happened in these years.

Percentage of Oil Content

There are three different types of oil. The first one is Eau de perfume. This is the strongest and most expensive perfume oil. They are expensive because they last longer than other oils. Once the top notes start fading, generally after an hour. The middle note comes out and becomes noticeable. All these timings and becoming noticeable of one after another note is done by these oils. The concentration of these oils varies and can be 15-20 percent depending upon the longevity of a perfume.

Eau de toilette is the second essence oils that are used in perfume. However, these are less expensive than Eau de perfume and contains up to 10 percent of the essential oils. The top is more powerful in these oils but fades away quickly to provide the middle note sweet smell.

But one of the best and most affordable essence oil is Eau de cologne. It contains about 7% of the essential oils and can be found very easily. Generally, you find it packed in large bottles but size doesn’t matter here. The thing that matters most is the use of it in the perfumes which is generally the bestselling ones and are affordable to middle-class family.…

Perfume Notes: Chypre, The Most Beautiful Fragrance Family

There are various types of perfumes available in the market. But a lesser-known type of fragrance that is one of the most beautiful fragrances and perfumes available in the market is chypre. The word chypre is not present in the vocabulary of many people and this includes perfume enthusiasts. Chypre scents and fragrances are very sophisticated and it is a fragrance family or category that is absolutely beautiful. People are so unaware of this fragrance category and they do not even know how to pronounce it right. Chypre is pronounced as sheep-rah which is not everybody’s first guess when they see the spelling. This word is derived from cypress trees and it is a derived word from French.


History of the Chypre Perfumes

Chypre perfumes date back to the Roman Empire and the word chypre was extensively used in 18th-century perfume manuals. Aromatic plants with chypre scents are available in the Mediterranean region and this scent was developed in this area. These fragrances have evolved for centuries and today they are top fragrances that are sold by major luxury perfume brands in the world. It is a perfect choice for men and women as it is more a unisex fragrance. The following are some of the details about the scent and aroma of chypre perfumes:

Chypre Perfumes- Details about the Fragrance

Chypre Fragrances are generally very dry and warm fragrances and are especially perfect for cold countries and even tropical regions during the winter. Chypre fragrances are made by using the bark of trees and also moss and vegetation and are very earthy in their fragrance. There is an element of woodiness that is paired with fruitiness or notes of floral fragrances that make chypre fragrances natural and warm yet sweet at the same time. Bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and even fragrances like labdanum are woody fragrances which are often included in these types of fragrances. These are animalistic, mossy and earthy fragrances and are known as a top choice for more sophisticated parties. The following are top fragrances sold by famous luxury perfume brands that can be placed under the chypre fragrances category.

Top Chypre Fragrances


Christian Dior is one of the most famous perfume companies in the world and Diorella is a classic perfume by Dior. It is a summery chypre perfume with notes of bergamot, lemon, basil, melon, honeysuckle, flowery fragrances of jasmine and rose. It has a base of patchouli, musk, oakmoss, and vetiver.

Chanel No. 19

Chanel No. 19 can be categorized as a chypre perfume as well as a green perfume because of its ingredients. The main fragrance note in the perfume is galbanum and it also has notes of various other plant-based fragrances. This includes neroli, hyacinth, vetiver, sandalwood, leather and also musk.

Le Galion Sortilege

It is a mix of floral notes with chypre base fragrances. Some of the floral notes include lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, and lilac. The base chypre fragrances are long-lasting and made of ingredients like labdanum, musk, vetiver, and amber.

Mary Greenwell Plum

Francois Robert created the Mary Greenwell Plum, as the name suggests, is named after Mary Greenwell who is a famous makeup artist. This is a fruity fragrance that has the fragrance of plum and also has other notes of fruits. This fragrance has fruity notes like peaches, citrus notes and also notes of blackcurrant. This also includes flowery fragrances of gardenia, jasmine, rose and orange flowers and base chypre notes.

Sisley Eau Du Soir

Green fragrances and chypre fragrances go well together and an example of this is Sisley Eau Du Soir. This is a rich fragrance with citrus, jasmine, lilac and rose fragrances with lovely chypre notes ideal for fancy parties and black-tie dinners.

Cartier La Panthere

Cartier la Panthere is a floral chypre fragrance that “purrs like a panther”. It has fruity notes of rhubarb, strawberries, apricot and also floral notes of gardenia. It has base chypre notes of musk and oakmoss and is a long-lasting and sensual perfume.

Guerlain Mitsouko

The new Mitsouko perfume by Guerlain is a very grown-up and adult perfume which is perfect for a more elite occasion and is popular with the elites in society. This velvety perfume has a base note of oakmoss and is a top fragrance in this category.…

Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners

A good aroma and a fresh and clean smell around the house is important for most people. There are many products available in the market that includes household products that emit a lovely smell. Products like fragrances, perfumes, scented candles. Potpourris, scented sprays, oil diffusers, plug-in deodorizers, incenses and other such scented products are all made by using very harmful toxins and also harmful chemicals which are bad for health. These products are expensive, bad for health and are not always suitable for use at home. Homemade products are natural, without chemicals and are very inexpensive to make. Using natural essential oils has many benefits:


Benefits of Natural Essential Oils

Naturally extracted essential oils have many health and therapeutic benefits. These oils are not that expensive to buy and easily available in natural food stores or organic stores all over the world. They are generally available in small bottles and a few drops are more than enough at a time because these essential oils are available in their concentrated forms. Lavender oil improve sleep and also calm the nervous system and are good for anxiety. Basil oil is an excellent remedy for headaches whereas rosemary oil stimulates the brain and is also helpful in improving the memory function. Clary sage is another essential oil regularly used as it also helps in calming the nervous system. Lemon and citrus oils are very beneficial for health. Lemon is an antidepressant and also calms anxiety and oranges which are another citrus fruit refreshes and relaxes people.

What are Homemade Oil Diffusers?

Essential oils are filled with beautiful aromas and fragrances. Essential oil diffusers are a way in which essential oils are dispersed in households to create a pleasant fragrance and aroma in the house. There are many expensive essential oils diffusers available in the market but it is very easy to make them at home. There are some oil diffusers in the market that use chemicals and harmful products which have an adverse impact on human beings. It is easy to make homemade oil diffuser. People need small clean jars, reeds, mineral oils, vodka, and essential oils to make these oil diffusers. The recipe is simply to take half a cup mineral oil, two tablespoons of vodka and mix the two well together. Then adding a few teaspoons of essential oils in this mixture is a great idea. The next step is to place reeds in this mixture that will help disperse the aroma of the essential oils into the home. Flipping the reeds every few days is a good idea.

Making Homemade Sprays and Air Fresheners

Just like homemade oil diffusers, homemade scented sprays and air fresheners are also easily made at home. A quick spray of air fresheners helps get rid of funny odors and also create a pleasant environment. Personalized sprays can be made using scents, fragrances and essential oils are personal favorites. They create a pleasant environment and aroma that people like around the house. Lemon, basil, other citrus flavors, herb-based essential oils are all used to make air fresheners. These air fresheners can be made easily by using very few ingredients. A clean spray bottle, vodka, water, and essential oils are all that is needed to make homemade air fresheners. Just pouring water in the spray bottle and then adding two tablespoons of vodka and a few teaspoons of essential oils do the trick. Shaking it well together after closing the bottle creates a naturally made air freshener.

Other Uses of Essential Oils

Essential Oils are primarily used for fragrance in homes. White rice can be stored in a jar and a few drops of essential oils can be put into the rice. This rice can be placed in a room which will provide fragrance to a room. Putting a few drops of essential oils on pillows and cotton balls with essential oils are placed in wardrobes to keep clothes smelling fresh. This also helps in keeping moths away and essential oils have been used in many situations to create a pleasant environment. Different essential oils have different health and fragrance benefits.
Homemade oil diffusers, sprays, and air fresheners can all be made at home using very natural materials. These fragrances can be made without using any harmful products or chemicals and it is an inexpensive way of creating pleasant fragrances in the households.…

The Fragrance is the New Secondhand Smoke

The concept of secondhand smoke is an old and very tiresome one of people who find it hard to breathe when there is smoke around them. Secondhand smoke is created when smoke that is not produced by an individual and in the air because of environmental factors hurt the breathing of human beings. The secondhand smoke can include cigarette smoke from people smoking around us or smoke from vehicles. There are a lot of medical problems caused by secondhand smoke. Cancer, respiratory problems and many other diseases are attributed to secondhand smoke. The secondhand fragrance is the new secondhand smoke as many medical problems can arise from second-hand fragrance.

Fragrance – A Secondhand Smoke

Fragrances and perfumes can have an adverse medical effect on many people. It can cause breathing problems, headache, nausea, allergies, dizziness and many other health issues are caused by an overwhelming sense of smell caused by the secondhand fragrance smell. It affects human beings as much as secondhand smoke caused by cigarettes. Long term impact of synthetic fragrances is potentially very harmful to health.
How Fragrances have Changed – a Historical Perspective

Fragrances have been used for over 4000 years but the process of making fragrances was a natural one just a few decades ago. Fragrances were made using pure ingredients and a process of distillation. Using just pure essential oils to make fragrances is a thing of the past. Synthetic fragrances of today can cause serious long term medical problems including diabetes, autism, ADD/ADHD, obesity, and even hormonal disruption. Synthetic fragrances are even worse for the environment and negatively affect air quality. The word perfume means through fumes or smoke or “par” and “fumes” in Latin.

Types of Fragrances

There are various types of secondhand fragrances. Candles, detergents, perfumes, attars, hair sprays, shampoos, aftershaves, fabric softeners, and several fragrant products have fragrances that can cause a “secondhand smoke” or secondhand fragrance problems. Some cities have fragrance free zones for people who find it overwhelming to use such fragrances. Fragrance-free zones have become a hot topic of debate with two opposing camps. There are many synthetic chemicals in today’s perfumes to make the perfume inexpensive and to last longer. The following are some of the chemicals that are part of today’s perfumes which are harmful to health.

Chemicals Used in Fragrances and Perfumes

Hundreds, even thousands of synthetic chemicals can be used in making perfume but generally a composition of chemicals used in perfumes uses only a few chemicals that work well together in creating the perfume with synthetic chemicals. A large number of fragrances and perfumes have phthalates which are endocrine disruptors.

These chemicals have been linked to many diseases like cancer, obesity, liver, diabetes, ADHD, Autism and also bad for pregnant women especially in their third trimesters. Cancer-causing chemicals and chemicals that are derived from petrochemicals are all used in making perfumes and these chemicals not just cause cancer but a series of other medical issues as well. Some of the other medical issues caused by these chemicals like birth defects, asthma, nervous system disorders, allergies and of course different types of cancers.

Are Natural Fragrances and Essential Oils Dangerous?

Many natural fragrances promote themselves as having just natural ingredients and essential oils. But many these green and organic fragrances also have chemicals and many of the essential oils are processed and extracted using chemicals. Essential oils have terpenes which then negatively react with the ozone layer. The secondary pollutants from perfumes include formaldehyde, acetone, acetaldehyde, and other ultrafine particles that are harmful to the environment. To avoid these, the process of extraction of essential oils should be done without using solvents.

Protection from Harmful Fragrances

Fragrances are sometimes harmful to health and also harmful as secondhand smoke or aroma for other people. Babies, children, the elderly and even adults are at risk from harmful chemicals. There are many respiratory problems caused by fragrances and medical associations all over the world have suggested that there should be fragrance-free zones in workplaces, hospitals, and schools. Buying chemical-free perfumes and fragrances is a good idea and unscented and fragrance-free household products are a great way to get rid of chemical-based products that are
harmful to health.

Fragrances can be as harmful as cigarette smoke and getting rid of fragrances in the environment is a good idea.